Reinventing your workplace

The secret of upright sitting is the special sitBoard base that connects you to the seat. This invention makes sitBoard unique worldwide. 


1. Simply roll your chair over the small ramp



2. Move the board to adjust to your size



sitboard boost effect

3. And push your back into the best position




Never sit wrong again!

In everyday life, gravity naturally pulls us down. Results are a distorted spine and unhealthy posture. Bad posture has a dramatic effect on your health: Over time, it can affect your spine, shoulders, hips and knees - leading to back and joint pain, compromised muscles, decreasing flexibility, and even nerve constriction.


sitBoard is the world´s first footrest with Boost Effect! This Effect pushes you into the perfect sitting posture. Just put your feet on the multi-grip board and you will stay in an upright sitting position - permanently.


The Boost Effect

The unique chair-connection pushes you to the seat. This ensures the best sitting posture.


The Benefits

We believe passionately that sitting should be something to enjoy. With sitBoard you have the opportunity to experience movement even while sitting. Intuitive movement that activates your entire body, maximizes your concentration and increases your capabilities.

sitBoard Less Back Pain Icon.png

Decreases Back Pain

The relief of the spine reduces and prevents constant back troubles.

sitBoard Less Neck Pain Icon.png

Protects your Neck

Proper posture protects your neck from excessive stress and helps you to stay healthy.

sitBoard Stimulates Circulation Icon.png

Stimulates Circulation

sitBoard allows you to stay active while sitting and stimulates blood circulation.

sitBoard Better Concentration Icon.png

Better Focus

Leg motion promotes brain performance and increases the ability to concentrate.


Ergonomic Design



Developed with experts


Prof. Dr. Klaus Baum

- Prof. of Sports Science

„I have seen a lot of projects aimed at integrating more movement into our daily routine. sitBoard provides this in an easy and fun way."

Ludwig Schwaderlapp

- Health and Safety Officer

„Most on-the-job accidents happen through stambling, slipping, and falling. That`s why we intensively discussed all imaginable safety aspects during the development of sitBoard."

Marc Raffelsieper

- Alternative Pracitioner for American Chiropractic

„Good posture is important health and preventing long-term illness. It`s essential as brushing your teeth every day. Life is movement and movement is life. Our health and vitality should be protected throughout the day."

„What if, every person on this planet could sit healthy?"



The Founders

With their expertise in health management, design and entrepreneurship, the three founders teamed up to realize their vision. Months of development built the foundation of sitBoard.


Daniel Philipp

„While still studying, Daniel partnered up with Markus to start his first business in the sports & health sector. Daniel and his team have worked in this field for a number of years now - with different brands such as permendo, German Sports and Reha Academy and Daniel Philipp Personal Training.“

Damian Kupski

"As industrial design engineer and inventor of sitBoard, Damian runs his own design office. Comprehensive research and a conceptual approach are always reflected in his design. His credo: Design should always be unique and meaningful, a well-considered balance between meaning and purpose.“

Markus Zilligers

„After Markus finished his Bachelor in Business Administration, he started his first company with Daniel. He later went on to finish his Masters in Corporate Health Management. The company is now providing services for huge companies all over Germany, e.g. for REWE Group, trivago and L’Oréal.“